“L” is 4 the way u 👀 @ me… #lovepoems #poetry

Love says trust me
And your heart breaks
Again, like a stone
That isn’t supposed
To fracture,
By some ponderous law of pain
Or physics—I say
If breaking my heart
10 times or 100
Pushes me, like a
Demi-urge, toward a kind
Of deeper
Love more meaningful
I’m ok with

(C)2022 by Sanguine Woods

for JCCQ
*and Sophia, gratzi


Photo (c)2022 by JCC Quinn.

New Receptors Found in Human Retina Are the Cause of Seasonal Depression (SAD)


Just in Time for the Winter Solstice—Great Piece on Seasonal Depression and the Brain

from NPR:

Just in time for the winter solstice, scientists may have figured out how short days can lead to dark moods.

Two recent studies suggest the culprit is a brain circuit that connects special light-sensing cells in the retina with brain areas that affect whether you are happy or sad.

When these cells detect shorter days, they appear to use this pathway to send signals to the brain that can make a person feel glum or even depressed.

“It’s very likely that things like seasonal affective disorder involve this pathway,” says Jerome Sanes, a professor of neuroscience at Brown University.

Sanes was part of a team that found evidence of the brain circuit in people. The scientists presented their research in November at the Society for Neuroscience meeting. The work hasn’t been published in a peer-reviewed journal yet, but the researchers plan to submit it.

A few weeks earlier, a different team published a study suggesting a very similar circuit in mice.

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Don’t Be an Obtuse Cretin—Support Films That ALSO Show Love Between Same-Sex Couples…Because That’s the HUMAN Story



I would hope that my readers here at The Sanguine Woods are a group of mature compassionate adults—I believe you are.

Lord knows LGBTQI people have sat through decade after decade of heterosexual love scenes—we think they’re beautiful examples of human affection and desire—but they don’t tell the WHOLE story do they? Sex between consenting adults, regardless of their gender or sexuality identification category is the truth.

It’s the human story.

That being said…below is the article that inspired this post…give us a Like if you enjoy The Sanguine Woods. We fully support our LGBTQI family as well as our straight family.

Thank you, friends.




When we hear about a movie that’s caused upper-crust audience members to walk out half way through clutching their pearls, it officially has our attention.

And when the challenging material in question just so happens to be envelope-pushing gay sex scenes, well, where do we buy outr tickets?

Camille Vidal-Naquet’s new film Sauvage (to be released as Wild in the US) did just that at this years Cannes Film Festival. On top of the salacious nature of the “controversy”, however, Sauvage also received critical acclaim for its honest and painful exploration of the life of a young gay prostitute.

It centers around 22-year-old Leo, who has been working the streets in France. He’s played by the very talented Félix Maritaud, whom you may remember as Max from last year’s BPM.


Félix Maritaud (IMDb).

Vidal-Naquet has talked about the graphic content with the press, calling it “honest.”


Nice. And isn’t that a primary goal of any art form?

Honesty? 👍✌️🏳️‍🌈💜

(And, P.S. All you film-festival “pearl clutchers”? 🖕)

Check out the trailer for Wild (Sauvage) below:

“=❤️4ALL”—a “photo-prose-poem” by Sanguine Woods

One voice, speaking out in the darkness can be a small, yet potent source of light and healing. No fear. One at a time. That is my wish for us. Beaucoup d’amour pour tout le monde…pour tout les temps.


Gathering the gold drops…

The blogger out wandering.

Nice nature walk today. And yesterday was snow all day long. Now this golden day. Colorado is like this in April. Listened to The Eagles. Witchy Woman. One of These Nights. Heartache Tonight. Already Gone. Thought about how earbuds have revolutionized heartbreak. Or something like that. Kicked a lot of roadside wishes goodbye. Loved sidewalks. Hated sidewalks. Made peace with some things. Like wildflowers. The memory of John Denver. And young me. Absorbed the ☀️ ‘s energy on my shoulders and was happy. Thought about living on a beach and getting old in Key West. Margaritas make great lovers … and sunsets. Thought about doing the same in the woods somewhere. But winter wind blows cold. And it’s hard to lose anything in the early part of Autumn. Loved my dad some. Lifted thanks to the sky. Thought about how much we want to be known by others. How very little any of us is known by others. Thought about whether that should feel lonely. Thought about that path, the road to that journey, fraught with unknowns. Nobody likes unknowns. Thought about distance from the drama in my life. Wondered how much of it I cause. Thought: life is a gift but not one we asked for and gifts we don’t ask for aren’t always gifts we want, expect, come equipped to manage well. And so it goes. Thought: If the sun could crystallize and fall from the blue stratosphere today like gold diamonds would I be able to gather up enough of them in my pockets to make the day worthwhile.

Scraped change for a refreshing citrusy drink.

Maybe, I’ll read that 1971 history of the Celts. Maybe start Malerman’s horror novel, Bird Box.

And there’s this collection of stories by Jeffrey Ford.

Books are gold drops.

I think I’ll make someone happy today.🦎