Today’s Card–The Wild Unknown Tarot


The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, Created by Kim Krans.

No Matter what you are facing in your life–trust me–you can do this.

Today’s drawing: Reconnect with the part of you that is calm, serene, confident, and hopeful. It is all about the inner flow and your awareness of how you can find your center of calm, without having to do much.  Allow yourselves time, and grace–and remember to be patient with the universe.

Just be quiet; light a favorite candle; close your eyes and turn inward–remind yourselves that you are good; you are lovable just as you are; you are made of starlight.


Remember: you are made of starlight…

It’s there. It wants you to find it.

And you will.

Love to you, and peace, friends.

– Sanguine Woods