Abundance Spell


This spell is one of my tried and true favorites. Along with hard work and keeping your eye on the prize, this spell is an amazing way to supercharge your manifesting for drawing in success, money, and abundance.


-Fire proof container: Abalone shell, cauldron, etc.
-Small piece of charcoal
-Matches or lighter
-Small piece of paper and pen
-Bay Leaves
-Green candle
-Crystals: Citrine, Adventurine, Pyrite, Carnelian, Copper, Tigers Eye, Clear Quartz
-Palo Santo


1. Burn some Sage and waft the smoke into your space, all around you and your crystals. Then place your crystals around your shell or cauldron.
2. Light the candle and if you’re using a charcoal, light it now as well.
3. Once the charcoal is hot, place a few Bay Leaves and a dash of Cinnamon on to it (if you’re not using a charcoal, simply light the Bay Leaves with your match or lighter.
4. On a small piece of paper, write down a word that describes your intention for this spell (abundance, success, prosperity) and place it into the cauldron.
5. Add the Rosemary and light the paper and Rosemary so both begin to burn.
6. Take your crystals of choice in your hands and imagine all that you want to manifest for this spell into the crystals (a new job, a promotion, drawing in business, etc.). Sit for a few minutes and meditate with the crystals if you wish (I like to do this to really solidify my intentions).
7. Burn some Palo Santo to bring in positive energy and to close the spell.

Blessed Be.