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What’s better than that tried and true ritual of “breaking bread” together? So you gotta come visit me over at my new cooking blog! These recipes are all things I’ve seen in a book or on a cool website—or clipped and saved for decades from 70s and 80s cooking magazines; or got from a family member…and many have been like old friends—sustaining me during the early dark of a Colorado winter. I’ve tested them all and they’re amazing.

Great food & fun times!


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What’s in the Cup?

My favorite drink of summer—the amazingly minty-cool Lime Refresher, with its cute little thin-slice wheels of dried lime—has been put out to pasture. Shame on you, Starbucks.

In its place, however, Starbucks has introduced this mystical fuschia delight—little exotic berries dancing amidst sparkling cubes of ice at its surface…Meet my favorite drink for the new season: the “Mango-Dragon Fruit Refresher”! Ahhh, September (and it’s a hot one in Denver this year) you’ve never tasted so good. 🐲🐲🐲


Starbucks’ New Mango-Dragon Fruit Refresher! Mmmmmm-mmmmmm good. I do mine Trente-sized with no water added, with a Grande ice-water chaser. 🐲🐲🐲