Great Artwork: Jack the Ripper

Found this at the back of a book on historical crimes of an…insidious nature. Credits provide some information. I will have to go back and find the book cover to credit the right folks here. Thought this was very well done, though!

“It all came from Robert Bloch’s book.” – Alfred Hitchcock on Psycho—now in a nice affordable ebook edition! Great cover, too, and…do be careful in the shower…😳🚿🔪🔪🔪


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The King



My obsession w IT…


Wicked Stephen King Art Print ($10 USD) from Bangorfest! Check this out!


Hidden in this amazing artwork are references to 21 Stephen King books and stories. Can you find them all?

This limited-edition 11″x17″, hand-signed print by artist Mortimer Glum, comes with a diagram showing all the hidden King references. The print was created for a recent Bangorefest appearance in Stephen King’s hometown of Bangor, Maine, and we’re now offering it online for the first time.

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I’ll Never Forget Silent Scream! My first R-Rated Film (1979)!

Above, left: Although it’s design has always seemed, well, ridiculously understated, this is the original light-box film poster I remember seeing on display as I sneaked in to the theater for my first R-Rated film in a little mountain town in Colorado. It was 1979. Above, right: a later poster showing horror icon Barbara Steele clutching a stuffed child’s toy–most likey a post-film, VHS-promotional poster. 

It was showing at the new theater in the small mountain town I lived in in Colorado. I was 12, going on 13. I was old enough to see an R-Rated horror movie. I could handle it—so I thought. I don’t remember how I was able to sneak in. The building had only two theaters, so maybe I paid for one and walked in. I think a cousin of mine went with me…we both liked horror movies. The rest is history. I can attribute my love and obsession with horror, Ouija boards, the occult—all of it, in books and film—to this one pivotal moment in time. I guess I should be thankful. Right?


A cloying atmosphere. A large, wooden mansion close to the beach. A camera prowling the hallways. An arm grabbed through a lathed crawlspace. Barbara Steele. The strange, bespectacled son who puts on an old army uniform and stays in his room. The mother we rarely see. The grim tone. I recall these fleeting aspects of “Silent Scream” and I recall the trailer featuring the arm being grabbed through that hole in the wall.

The film is not very bloody and not a lot happens, but director Denny Harris chooses to focus on the dysfunctional family who rent rooms to college students. One of them, Rebecca Balding, a strong, no-nonsense actress, cottons on to what’s happening and starts to investigate.

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