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Tonight, I am Tweeting & Reading the Great “Weird Fiction” Writer, Laird Barron—(Follow me on Twitter! @WoodsSanguine)

My favorite Barron story, “The Men from Porlock” (collected in The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All), which I am re-reading tonight, is the creepy tale of a logging operation in the Pacific Northwest, and what may be waiting in the deep dark of the woods for a group of men who venture out from the periphery of the logging camp; some things in the world are older than time…and don’t like to be disturbed.


There are no words to adequately describe the quality of this man’s vision, execution, style, & prose. Suffice it to say you should be reading the work of Alaskan author, Laird Barron…

Click here for Barron’s website…

Click here for the Wiki “lowdown” on this author…

Click here to see what else Barron has written!

Following, is a nifty little review of some of Barron’s short fiction over at Slate Magazine; and the full covers of 5 of his other books of outstanding and creepy fiction…these are all available in affordable Kindle editions at Amazon.com (see link above); and Kindle apps are now free, so get on over there and feed your intellect and learn about what really scares you…

Click here to read Slate’s review of Barron’s The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All…

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Wicked Stephen King Art Print ($10 USD) from Bangorfest! Check this out!


Hidden in this amazing artwork are references to 21 Stephen King books and stories. Can you find them all?

This limited-edition 11″x17″, hand-signed print by artist Mortimer Glum, comes with a diagram showing all the hidden King references. The print was created for a recent Bangorefest appearance in Stephen King’s hometown of Bangor, Maine, and we’re now offering it online for the first time.

Get yours before they’re gone!

Click here for more information…

Derry, Maine—The Nightmare Town of Stephen King’s “IT”…in Perfect Miniature!


Welcome to Derry, Maine! Home of Pennywise the Clown, and Stephen King’s novel, IT. This amazingly intricate diorama of a section of the fictional town was created by artist Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler.

Thank you to thechive.com, for sharing this absolutely epic diorama of Derry, Maine, USA—the haunted fictional town created by Stephen King, in which he set his novel IT, as well as parts of other stories (Dreamcatcher, Insomnia, Bag of Bones, 11/22/63–See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derry_(Stephen_King)


The diorama was created within the body of a 1950s radio. The town up top, the sewer—Pennywise’s lair—down below.

The amazing piece of miniature art was created by Austrian literary artist, Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler. Fascinated by Stephen King’s IT, Sachenwerkler spent over 900 hours recreating the nostalgia and feeling of a 1950’s Derry, with clues and different pieces from the novel. Down below the streets of the town, she even recreated the sewer lair of “Pennywise” the clown that haunts the novel, the town, and its children.

All of this detail, captured in a 1958 radio cabinet! When it’s closed, it looks like a serene scene from the past. It’s only when you open the doors, that you find yourself caught in the “deadlights”.

Check out the detail on this thing in the photos below; and visit the artist: Website, Instagram & Facebook

This is some seriously stellar work!

(Photos: thechive.com)




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