Mick Albright

The Sanguine Woods (TSW) was started by writer and blogger, Michael “Mick” Albright in 2014 as a literary blog. He wanted a place where he could feature his own fiction, graphic design/art work, poetry, and thoughts on the work of others in those and other creative areas. TSW quickly took on a life of its own, going off into areas such as the “Fortean” and the macabre; the socially conscious; the darkly photographic; many things “Lovecraftian”; and even the poetics of song lyrics. TSW now covers a miscellany of topics about which Mick is passionate.

Other blogs Mick owns and contributes to include The Writer’s Cabin; a Gothic arts blog called The Gothic Tower; a trans-friendly and burlesque-y blog on feminine and fashion in history called The Maudlin Cabinet; all of which are administered by his partner, Woody Dexter, who has two brand-new, wicked-cool blogs called The Extraterrestrial Highway (link below) and Haint-Blue Shudders.


Woody Dexter

In 2015, Mick took on a blogger and publisher partner*, fellow writer and academic and lover of the Fortean, the alien, and the mysterious: Woodrow Dexter Wilson (Woody D). Woody, is an anthropologist by profession, and currently working toward his MA/PhD. He is a very talented writer in his own right, and administers and provides content for the team’s blogs and handles layout and design and production for Sanguine Woods Publishing*, the company formed by Mick and Woody in mid-2016.

In 2017, Woody launched an impressive new blog on all things alien and conspiratorial called The Extraterrestrial Highway. Who doesn’t like a good UFO mystery? A peek into Area 51? Conspiracy Theories abound! And this is the place to go to learn about them.

You can reach Mick and Woody using the Comments feature on any of the above blogs; and via email/FB, here:

Mick: thesanguinewoods@gmail.com


Woody: ugotmywoody@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by, friend.

And, whatever you do, don’t be a stranger.

*Sanguine Woods Publishing(sm) will publish its first ebook: The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told, ed. by Sanguine Woods (Mick’s penname) in late 2017, with a trade paperback to follow in 2018: please follow this effort and support us as you can here:


Read the first story in the new anthology here, where the book will continue to be published, story by story:


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