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9A481843-C102-4BF3-8897-D7F8BC7B619BThe Sanguine Woods (TSW) was started by writer, editor, poet, and blogger Mick A. Quinn in 2014 as a literary blog. He wanted a place where he could feature fiction, graphic design/art work, photography, poetry, and thoughts on the work of others in those and other creative areas.

TSW quickly took on a life of its own, going off into areas such as the “Fortean” and the macabre; the socially conscious; the darkly photographic; many things “Lovecraftian”; and even the poetics of song lyrics. TSW now covers a miscellany of topics about which Mick is passionate.

Mick is editing his first anthology of vintage ghost stories, which will be published in December 2019 (Vol. I) and October 2020 (Vol. II) by Wick Press: The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told, ed. by Sanguine Woods (Mick’s penname) please follow this effort and support us:


Read a sample story from the new anthology here:


Other blogs Mick owns and contributes to include The Oriental Occidental—From Zen & Back Again: How Eastern Thought & Culture Changed My Life; and a Gothic art and literature blog, The Gothic Tower. Mick also dabbles as time allows in the ever-interesting areas of aliens, UFOs, secret societies, and conspiracy theories on his blog, The Extraterrestrial Highway.

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You can reach Mick using the Comments feature on any of the above blogs; and via email/Twitter/Instagram, here:



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13 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. What a great blog! I teach courses about ghost stories, have written two ghost story books (including stories which are funny as well as eerie) and a nonfiction book about ghosts. I found E F Benson, M R James, Kipling, and other authors I discovered as a young person here (and it’s great to have a place those who study with me can find their assigned reading!). I’m delighted to have discovered this site and will be spending lots of time here! Keep up the great work – just amazed and thrilled to have discovered Sanguine Woods! best, Jan O. (Janowrite at the bookemjano blog on wordpress

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