Tolling Karma’s Bell #anneheche

I’m deeply troubled over the death of this woman. I cannot place my intuitive finger on why. But I will. Funny this book is not available anywhere on the Internet all of a sudden. The actress died recently in a supposed auto fire that took 59 firefighters a long time to put out. As she was being put into the ambulance, however, she was caught sitting up, where she appears to be naked, not burned, and trying to unstrap her left leg. She was strapped to the gurney. She is pushed back down by a paremedic, and put quickly into the ambulance; and no one ever saw her again. I say no one because that’s what they consider us viewers and receivers and experiencers of the media in this country. They consider our intellects weak. And that is unfortunate. Rest in Power, Anne. May Karma toll her great balancing bell for you, dear, soon; clearly and loudly. 🤟

Above and Below: Lisa Drew Books, 2001; library copy.

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