I have an eccentric habit—I like to collect unique or interesting #gemstones and #rings from around the world. Then I spend a few days with them and name them based on the #energy I feel wearing them; or even just a romanticism I form around their origin as a crafted piece of art. This was made in #Dubai. I call it “waliu aleahd”. The energy it offers is risky business. But it’s also been cultivated in the hot desert sun—and crafted in tough-wrought Turkish silver. It’s a searing aura, then, met with a lot of hard-won desire and longing—#empire building, and #warring it all back down again—at Biblical proportions; there is a slow steady burn to this energy—it is a dry heat—it does not let up. It is #entitled. 

All of this I do not yet understand; but I will… “altharwat tueti lilrajul alshujae ‘akthar min alrajul alkhayif”, they say; and so, in the end, it’s the weak man who #leadsthemasses. And it’s the bold men, alone, who lead all the badasses. (la tusi’ fahum hadhih alhaqiqa)


“waliu aleahd” — Original words/Photo (c)2022 by Sanguine Woods. All rights reserved.










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