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I ♥️ the writing in this show! It’s poetry and gothic-melodrama, mashed together w comic-book scene-setting and atoeyboarding—and enough teenage angst to keep anyone watching who made it through those dreaded years.

🎥It keeps me watching, because every time I return to it, as I walk along the myriad #pathways I have chosen to follow on my life’s journey, I am able to better hear the subliminal language of the show’s story—and better speak the actual language of #thecrookedpath, which I can also hear, understand, and translate, now. #lore #traditionalwitchcraft, aka. #magick #blackmagic #Netflix #comicbooks #archie #feminism #toxicpuritanmasculinity #witchhunt #teens #Haloween #writing #familiars #witch #bigotry #discrimination #girlpower #moon #goddess #darkbaptism

Season 1, Episode 1:

Sabrina: Lorning Aunties. Ambrose.
Auntie Hilda: “Good Morning, darling. How did you sleep?”
Auntie Z: “Tempestuously, by the sound of it.”
Sabrina: “Now that you mention it, Aunt Z, I did wake up once or twice. It’s an exciting time…in more ways than one.
Auntie X: “Hmmmm. I remember the week before my Dark Baptism. I barely slept. It felt as if my real life were finally beginning. I barely slept.
Auntie Hilda: “Here, love. Rabbits’ for feet under your pillow tonight. You’ll sleep like the dead.”
Sabrina: “Speaking is the dead…a bat flew into my room last night. Smashed through one of my windows.”
Ambrose: “You want me to bring it back!”
Auntie Z: “No, Ambrose. We’ll have none of your necromancy.”
Sabrina: “Is it ok if I bury it in the garden?”
Auntie Hilda: “Yes. As you wish. You can bury it in the pet cemetery by the sundial. There’s room there.” *Places a drink down.
Sabrina: “Wait. What’s this?”
Auntie Z: “Before it can be baptized, the temple of your body needs to be purified. Cleansed of its toxins.
Auntie Hilda: “This is actually milk and eggs, and Rosemary and agrimony, and a cup full of vanilla, and a pinch of the John the Conqueror root and tannis…and some other herbs from my garden. Drink up, darling.”
Ambrose: “Cough!—Don’t do it cousin!”
Auntie Z: “Ambrose!” *glares… “Sabrina, you need to pick a Familiar before your Dark Baptism. The Council sent over the Registry.” (drops old heavy book onto table drops): I’ve indicated a few suitable options. (opens the book to pictures of animals): Now, there’s a very handsome hedgehog, a noble-looking owl; Vinegar Tom would happily welcome another dog…”
Sabrina: “About that, Aunt Z, instead of picking a Familiar out of a book, which is so…I don’t know, dehumanizing—“
Auntie Z: “Familars are goblins, who have taken on the shape of animals to better serve their witch masters. There’s nothing ‘human’ about them.”
Sabrina: “But…I’ve been practicing a summoning spell I found in the Demonomicon—and, what if I put it out there that I’m looking for a Familiar, and see if anyone wants to volunteer.”
Auntie Hilda: “I think that is a charming idea!”
Auntie Z: “What about your baptismal name? Have you settled on one yet?”
Sabrina: “I have as a matter of fact, ‘Edwina Diana’ Edwina, which is almost Edward, to honor my father—and Diana, to honor my mother. And not just to honor them, but to be closer to them, to have them with me as I walk the Path of Night.”
Auntie Hilda: “Oh, god, I’m going to cry! And, Injust wish your mom and dad were here to see this, to see you!”
Sabrina: “Me, too, Auntie.”
Auntie Hilda: “They would be so proud of the young woman you’ve become.”
Auntie Z (long cigarette in fingers): “Correction—They’d be so proud of the young witch she is becoming.”


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