Three Forks to Midnight

I think I’m like some weird strain of nesting pack rat. In every home I’ve ever lived in since I was a kid, I’ve managed to slowly over a year or two create an odd little curvy nest. One I had years ago was as an actual Wiccan altar tall and glittering at which I prevaricated daily foretelling and doing black magicy things. But usually—or really actually mostly (that’s a shitload of adverbs)—it begins as a makeshift shelf for my books. I’ve always owned a lot of books. Three here. Five there. And then like a literary fungus from some hellcat Stephen King vignette starring Adrien Barbeau it begins to creep and grow and curve around into the same freaky boomerang shape! (I won’t dwell on the symbolism.) Stacks and spines lay metered lines… #mykryptonitebites #majestic

[Angel art by UK artist #JacquelineWilson.💕]

My Nest. Photo (c)2021 by Sanguine Woods.
Hot Foot Fetish Ken in His Trunks from Mattel’s sister company, SexSells, Inc. Photo (c)2021 Sanguine Woods.

“Our Own Council Will We Keep on Who’s Ready!” Photo (c)2021 by Sanguine Woods.

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