It’s a Monstrous Love..

This is one of my favorite films. Del Toro brought gothic back with an injection of freakish incestuous obsession that, at one point in the film while she’s admiring her little “collection” of clipped hair, Chastain refers to as “a truly monstrous kind of love.” It’s a gorgeous movie. Costumes are very cool. The people are stunning. Set design rocks. That house is fucked up beautiful and those ghosts? Nobody’s hanging out for long with that moaning shit reaching up through the floor (played by the tall fishman in The Shape of Water). Such pathos in this house and those ghosts. I found it heartaching—an old painting hanging in shadow on a tattered wall somewhere and you want to stare at it but you’re not allowed to because you might see something dark and monstrous about yourself looking back and who enjoys that really…


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