Flash Fiction: The Time That’s Right for Reaping by Sanguine Woods

Story art by Jeanette Andromeda, 2016.

I came across this in my FB memories, my second published flash fiction piece . I had fun with this one and it really scared me. I’ve yet to elaborate on the story of this winged vampire-like thing. God knows what it is—and I’m not sure I want to know. Writing is interesting like that. I suppose a character can lay dormant between a short story appearance and a longer work, or a second story. Maybe this character needs its story continued. 🥶 The wonderful artwork by Jeanette Andromeda is available in a variety of formats (see link following the story).

Horror Made

In honor of sharing the love this Halloween season here’s a flash fiction story from my fellow blogger and horror storyteller, Sanguine Woods. And if you like my  blog then you’re going to enjoy his work on thesanguinewoods.wordpress.com. His blog is all about horror and mysteries explored through photography and a love for the literary world. Seriously, it’s a blog after my own heart.

Anyway, enough preamble from me, here is a little flash fiction from Sanguine Woods to help you find your Halloween way.



“I put on its skin. I put on its skin,” it said. “Must I put it on again tonight? I loathe it. It has an…odor.”

Narrow nostrils flared at the phantom scent of moist stinking flesh.

“You’ll do it. Again. Odor or no.”

A cracked iron pipe made a hissing sound.

Its head found the cup of its hands and rested there. A…

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