The Red Lodge—A Ghost Story for Christmas by H. Russell Wakefield (Info+Link)


Reading a ghost story on Christmas eve was once as much a part of traditional Christmas celebrations as turkey, eggnog, and Santa Claus.

The “Red Lodge” is a magnificent Queen Anne house, the ideal rental for a young family on a much-needed holiday. But something is wrong at the Red Lodge. What caused the drownings of so many previous occupants? What dark presence lurks in the river? Why has the son grown sullen and afraid?

About the Author

HR Wakefield (1888 – 1964) was an English author and editor, considered one of the greatest ghost story writers of all time.

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Praise for “Seth’s” Christmas Ghost Stories Series…

“[This] series of Christmas ghost stories, miniature books chosen and illustrated by the cartoonist Seth … [offers] chills―and charm.”

―John Williams, New York Times Book Review

“I just bought my set of these and they … are … PERFECT. I hope they do these every year.”

―Patton Oswalt

“These are beautiful little books … [My family’s] been reading them at home, and we’ve actually put them away so we can re-read them on Christmas Eve.”

―Matt Galloway, CBC’s Metro Morning


Art by Seth.

“For Seth, this is really a labour of love.”

―Peter Robb, Ottawa Citizen

“The two classic Christmas ghost stories that Seth and Biblioasis fashioned last year were a huge success for us. Nifty packaging, striking design―so Seth.”

―Ben McNally, Ben McNally Books, Toronto, ON

“Seth’s Christmas Ghost Stories series resurrects the legacy of fireside tales at Christmas with these beautifully illustrated editions.”

―John Toews, McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg, MB


Illustration for Dicken’s ghost story “The Signalman” by Seth.

About the Artist

5E15B7DA-A881-457D-9CB9-D9B761554905“Seth” is the pen name of Gregory Gallant (born September 16, 1962), a Canadian cartoonist best known for his series Palookaville and his mock-autobiographical graphic novel It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken (1996).

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