Check Out These 2 Wicked Story Anthologies from the New England Horror Writers (Covers + TOCs + Links + NEHW)


Cover Art and Interior Illustrations by Mikio Murakami.


Cover Art by Mikio Murakami.

Volume 1: Wicked Witches, 2016

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Penny Dreadful
  • “That Witch We Dread” by Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert
  • “In Agatha Craggins’ Defense” by John McIlveen
  • “Welcome to the D.I.V.” by Errick A. Nunnally
  • “The Witch’s Apprentice” by Morven Westfield
  • “Going Home” by James A. Moore
  • “White Witch” by Catherine Grant
  • “Baskets” by Paul McMahon
  • “The Saint of Regret” by Nick Manzolillo
  • “Witch” by Trisha J. Wooldridge
  • “Run in the Widow’s Hell” by K.H. Vaughan
  • “Portrait of an Old Woman With Crows” by Peter N. Dudar
  • “Tilberian Holiday” by Izzy Lee
  • “To Dance the Witches Circle Again” by Morgan Sylvia
  • “Another Plane” by Patrick Lacey
  • “Access Violation” by Jeremy Flagg
  • “T.S. Eliot Burns in Hell” by GD Dearborn
  • “Black Forest, Black Heart” by Joshua Goudreau
  • “The Jatinga Effect” by Doug Rinaldi
  • “The Place of Bones” by Barry Lee Dejasu
  • “Creaking Through Salem” by Ogmios
  • “Blessed Be and Kick Ass” by Jan Kozlowski
  • “Moving House” by Rob Smales
  • About the Contributors
  • Other Journals of the New England Horror Writers
  • Dedication
  • Copyright Page


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“Knock, Knock”—Art by Kali Moulton.

Volume 2: Wicked Haunted, 2017

Table of Contents

  • “Knock, Knock” Artwork by Kali Moulton
  • “The Thing With No Face” by Peter N. Dudar
  • “Lost Boy” by Bracken MacLeod
  • “Scrying Through Torn Screens” by Patricia Gomes
  • “They, Too, Want to be Remembered” by KH Vaughan
  • “Everything Smells Like Smoke Again” by Curtis M. Lawson
  • “The Boy on the Red Tricycle” by Dan Szczesny
  • “One Way Dead End” Artwork by Ogmios
  • “East Boston Relief Station” by Paul R. McNamee
  • “Mouse” by Larissa Glasser
  • “The Walking Man” by Matt Bechtel
  • “My Work is Not Yet Completed” by Nick Manzolillo
  • “Ghosts In Their Eyes” by Trisha J. Wooldridge
  • “They Come With the Storm” by Dan Foley
  • “Turn Up the Old Victrola” by Tom Deady
  • “Ghost Maker” by Emma J. Gibbon
  • “The Pick Apart” by Paul McMahon
  • “The Stranding Off Schoodic Point” by R.C. Mulhare
  • “Triumph of the Spirit” by GD Dearborn
  • “Ghost on a Swing” Artwork by Judi Calhoun
  • “The Road to Gallway” by Rob Smales
  • “The Thin Place” by Morgan Sylvia
  • “Tripping the Ghost” by Barry Lee Dejasu
  • “We’re All Haunted Here” by doungai gam
  • “Murmur” by Jeremy Flagg
  • “Pulped” by James A. Moore
  • About the Contributors
  • Other Anthologies of the New England Horror Writers
  • Dedication
  • Copyright Page


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About NEHW

The New England Horror Writers (NEHW) provides peer support and networking for authors of horror and dark fantasy in the New England Area. NEHW is primarily a writer’s organization, focusing on authors of horror and dark fiction in all mediums (novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, etc.) in the New England area. We are also open to professional editors, artists & illustrators, agents and publishers of horror and dark fiction. NEHW activities include book signings, readings, panel discussions at conventions, and social gatherings. With members ranging from Maine to Connecticut, NEHW events take place in varying locations in an effort to provide support for our members throughout New England. Find us on facebook or at


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