Back from the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories–A New Collection from the Writers of the Original Bestselling Series, ed. by Johnny Mains (Noose & Gibbet 2010), TOC

The Pan Book of Horror Stories was a British paperback series of short horror story anthologies published by Pan Books Ltd. The series ran to thirty volumes, the first published in 1959. The series was initially collected and edited by Herbert Van Thal. On Van Thal’s death Clarence Paget edited the series, from volume twenty-six until its demise with volume thirty in 1989. The early editions of the Pan Book of Horror Stories were notable for their lurid cover art and Van Thal’s introduction of stories by new authors alongside classics of the genre. Read more: Wikipedia/Pan Book of Horror…


Cover art by Les Edwards.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword (Back from the Dead) • essay by Shaun Hutson
  • Introduction: The Influence of Pan • essay by David Sutton [as by David A. Sutton]
  • Locked • short fiction by Christopher Fowler
  • Mr. Smythe • short fiction by Tony Richards
  • Acute Rehab • short fiction by John Burke
  • Camera Obscura • (1965) • novelette by Basil Copper
  • The True Spirit • short fiction by David A. Riley
  • Angel • short fiction by Jack Wainer
  • A Good Offence • short fiction by Myc Harrison
  • Gallybagger • short fiction by Roger Clarke
  • Spinalonga • (1972) • short story by John Ware
  • The Forgotten Island • short fiction by Jonathan Cruise
  • Dreaming the Dark • short fiction by J. P. Dixon
  • The Little Girl Eater • (1963) • short story by Septimus Dale
  • Mr. Golden’s Haunt • short fiction by Christina Kiplinger
  • The Stare • short fiction by John Burke
  • The Children • short fiction by Nicholas Royle
  • The Moment of Death • (1983) • short story by Ken Alden
  • A Caribbean Incident • short fiction by Jane Louie
  • The Waiting Game • short story by Craig Herbertson
  • School Crossing • (1979) • short story by Francis King
  • Sounds Familiar • short fiction by Harry E. Turner
  • An Outing With H. • short fiction by Conrad Hill
  • “Lest Ye Should Suffer Nightmares”: Herbert Van Thal: A Biography • essay by Johnny Mains

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