Two Bearded Guys: A Fairy Tale… 👽

Once upon a time, there were two bearded guys who decided to spend a night all alone in a mountain cabin in the woods…

’Crack the window,’ the first guy says, ’so we can get a breeze.’

‘Are you kidding?’ the second guy says; ‘do you Know what the odds are of getting abducted by a UFO up here in the mountains? I saw it on X-Files.’

‘If an alien wants you,’ the first guy says, ‘all it has to do is use a stun-ray to paralyze you, then a high-powered graviton beam to yank you out of bed and pass your entire body right THROUGH the closed window and up into the saucer.’

The second guy cracks open the window. ‘And just what will you be doing while I’m getting probed?’

‘Sleeping,’ the first guy says.

NEXT DAY: First guy can’t find the second guy.

THIRD DAY: First guy gets a new triptych for the bedroom wall…

9C40212E-9BE8-40BE-8F2D-02A6477A1659 Art by JP London ([/capti

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