“I’m mad about the boy…” Meet The Housesitter—A beautiful indie adult film that’s getting some recognition at the Pop Montreal cultural festival


Canadian Rapper Josh “Socalled” Dolgin discovers the joys of making an arthouse adult film, “The Housesitter,” which will have its premiere at the Pop Montreal cultural festival.

A Canadian rapper and record producer has made his own adult film—and shot the whole thing in his parents’ house, while they were away on holiday.

Joshua Dolgin, whose stage name is “Socalled”, kept his plans from his parents and only told them after he had finished shooting.

The openly gay artist said the film was “in part” a reaction to turning 40; adding that he didn’t think of it as a “mid-life crisis movie,” but rather as a “mid-life celebration movie”.

You know here at The Sanguine Woods I have always—and will always—openly and proudly support love that rebels agains the expectations of obtuse societal mores, themes and symbols that stand up to ugly gender-normative stereotypes, and anything else that hurts love for love’s sake and the right of every person to be true to who they are.

So when I came across this trailer and read about this film, I wanted to share it.

It looks like a beautiful piece…

Everything is very casual and very natural—all integral to Socalled’s vision for the film project. But it’s not your common everyday shallow adult film. There are also forays into the fantastical—there’s a strange dream sequence, for instance, when Wilson and Braun meet up in the snow wearing 17th-century-style masquerade accessories. (No more spoilers!)

“I love sex and I love great photography and film,” Dolgin said, “so this is a combination of the two. I’m blessed as an artist because I have enough of a name that I can try new things, but I’m not so famous that I have limits. “I just want to pursue my passions. This is part of that,” he added.

Dolgin saw his opportunity to make the film after he learned that his parents would be away for at least a month during the winter. “I think it’s still sinking in with my dad,” Dolgin said, “but he’ll deal with it.”

He wrote a script for the film and also cast German adult film star Valentin Braun to appear alongside actor River Wilson in the film. Dolgin’s vision was a film “that’s beautiful and has integrity, you know, just in case you decide to whip it on after the appetizers have been served.”

Oh, but, the evening’s just beginning, Socalled.

I’m getting more of a dessert vibe here.



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