Don’t Be an Obtuse Cretin—Support Films That ALSO Show Love Between Same-Sex Couples…Because That’s the HUMAN Story



I would hope that my readers here at The Sanguine Woods are a group of mature compassionate adults—I believe you are.

Lord knows LGBTQI people have sat through decade after decade of heterosexual love scenes—we think they’re beautiful examples of human affection and desire—but they don’t tell the WHOLE story do they? Sex between consenting adults, regardless of their gender or sexuality identification category is the truth.

It’s the human story.

That being said…below is the article that inspired this post…give us a Like if you enjoy The Sanguine Woods. We fully support our LGBTQI family as well as our straight family.

Thank you, friends.




When we hear about a movie that’s caused upper-crust audience members to walk out half way through clutching their pearls, it officially has our attention.

And when the challenging material in question just so happens to be envelope-pushing gay sex scenes, well, where do we buy outr tickets?

Camille Vidal-Naquet’s new film Sauvage (to be released as Wild in the US) did just that at this years Cannes Film Festival. On top of the salacious nature of the “controversy”, however, Sauvage also received critical acclaim for its honest and painful exploration of the life of a young gay prostitute.

It centers around 22-year-old Leo, who has been working the streets in France. He’s played by the very talented Félix Maritaud, whom you may remember as Max from last year’s BPM.


Félix Maritaud (IMDb).

Vidal-Naquet has talked about the graphic content with the press, calling it “honest.”


Nice. And isn’t that a primary goal of any art form?

Honesty? 👍✌️🏳️‍🌈💜

(And, P.S. All you film-festival “pearl clutchers”? 🖕)

Check out the trailer for Wild (Sauvage) below:

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