Current Read: Naomi’s Room–A Terrifying Ghost Story by Jonathan Aycliffe…


“I dreamed my dream last night again. It has not visited me in many years. Is she here again? Will she be here with me tonight? I shall go to church today, I shall light bright candles against the possibility.”

Attention Horror Lovers! Now you can start reading this novel with me–right here at TSW! A well-told ghost story is a rare gift indeed–an intimate dialogue of dread between the writer and the reader. I, for one, seek out great ghost fiction somewhat obsessively. I read much, but mention very little. I guess I have high expectations. But there are gems out there–old and new–books like Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black, and The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson; and Peter Straub’s Ghost Story and Julia are masterpieces few books can challenge let alone beat in a genre that began with a first-century ghost story by Roman writer “Pliny the Younger” (61 – 115 AD)–and continues to this day.

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Dr. Charles Hillenbrand had everything he wanted, a promising academic career, a passionate marriage and a beautiful four-year-old daughter named Naomi. Then on that one Christmas Eve, it all vanished. He and Naomi were walking through Dickins & Jones, a London department store, and Charles looked away for just an instant to examine a toy train. When he turned back, Naomi was gone. Police later found her body in an alley. We’ll be delicate and say Naomi didn’t die quickly. Now, Charles can’t sleep. His career has stalled. He and his wife pass through their house like ships in the night. And it isn’t only because of their mutual loss. In the empty hours, he hears a child screaming, voices whispered in his ear and the sound of something being dragged through the attic. Naomi, it seems, is loathe to leave her living haunts–as are her unseen friends.

“Naomi’s Room is far scarier than it has any right to be. After all, if there’s a hoary horror archetype, it’s the haunted house, and Aycliffe ticks off the conventions one by one. Unidentified persons appear in photographs. Childhood toys mysteriously turn up around the residence. Temperatures plunge when spirits grow wrathful. But against the odds, the story truly does frighten….Every bump sends gooseflesh crawling up your spine… (


“A haunting psychological masterpiece guaranteed to make you sink.” (Goodreads)

About the Author

Jonathan Aycliffe was born in Belfast in 1949. He studied English, Persian, Arabic and Islamic studies at the universities of Dublin, Edinburgh and Cambridge, and lectured at the universities of Fez in Morocco and Newcastle upon Tyne. The author of several ghost stories, he lives in the north of England with his wife. He also writes as Daniel Easterman, under which name he has penned several bestselling thrillers.

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