Widow’s Point–A Haunted Lighthouse Novel by Richard & Billy Chizmar… See Blurbs, Reviews & Links…


My Kindle edition. Cover painting by Bob Eggleton. (Amazon.com)

Despite a bumpy start, and some weird point of view shifts–this novella is actually a cool little horror story that weaves a modern take on ghost hunting, à la “Ghost Adventures style”, with an older feeling of atmospheric dread like we get in some of my favorite early-20th-century supernatural fiction–a dread that comes from what H. P. Lovecraft referred to as humankind’s “fear of the unknown.” Dying of fright to know WHY and not being told, is still the most frightening of premises… The Chizmars leave a lot to our imaginations, and that is nice in a horror story.

I give Widow’s Point 3 stars. I really enjoyed it.

About the Book

 “This is a bad place. I don’t think people are meant to live here.

Longtime residents of Harper’s Cove believe something is wrong with the Widow’s Point lighthouse. Originally built in 1838, some say the lighthouse is cursed; others claim it’s haunted. Three men died during the construction of Widow’s Point, including one who fell to his death from the catwalk—a tragic accident that has never been explained.

In the decades that followed, nearly two dozen additional deaths occurred in or around the lighthouse—unexplained accidents and disappearances, the murder of an entire family, and the inexplicable death of a Hollywood starlet among them.

The lighthouse at Widow’s Point was shuttered up tight in 1988, and a security fence erected around the property. No one has been inside since.


Interior art by Mark Chadbourne.

Until tonight.

Thomas Livingston is the acclaimed author of thirteen books on the supernatural. Tonight, he will enter Widow’s Point, looking for material for his next bestseller. Livingston will be on lock down inside the lighthouse for the entire weekend with no way of contacting the outside world. And although no human has stepped foot inside the structure in many decades, Livingston will soon discover he is not alone.

In this remarkable collaboration, father and son writing team, Richard Chizmar and Billy Chizmar, combine forces to tell a chilling ghost story that will make you think twice about what is waiting for you the next time you are alone in the dark. ”


Blurbs, Reviews & Links

“Widow’s Point simmers, bubbles, and boils over in the most seductive, troubling, and finally throat-gripping manner possible, and along the way neatly solves the problem of how to handle the fate of a first-person narrator of a tale remarkable for accelerating dread. Richard and Billy Chizmar have given us a cold and delicious treat.”

— Peter Straub, New York Times bestselling author of Ghost Story and Dark Matter

“The spirit of William Hope Hodgson is alive and well in Widow’s Point, a briny ghost story infused with sinister new life by Richard and Billy Chizmar. If you’re looking for a tale that has you reconsidering that trip to the coast while telling yourself those whispers from beneath your bed are simply the wind, you’ve found it. Widow’s Point is a chilling addition to the haunted house subgenre.”

— Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Sour Candy and Kin

“With Widow’s Point, the Chizmars deliver a fantastic new take on an old trope, making the sea and haunted house stories scary again. A masterful, atmospheric and genuinely frightening ghost story. I loved it.”

— Brian Keene, Grandmaster Award winning author of The Complex and End of the Road


Get the book, here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079K7BLH5/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1






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