What?? Sorry Chapter 4…But you barely get 3 stars…


I was disappointed. I’m a huge fan of the earlier films. But Wan has to direct it seems or something flops.


Story should always be number 1. Character drives story. Well developed characters make for deeper more meaningful stories. Plot should be used to show character. &tc. This is writing 101.

Sadly, we’re so dumbed down in America we don’t think a horror film requires story—we have been conditioned to accept scares and thrills in place of quality. I wonder, in fact, if the majority of us even care. The $50 million+ this fourth Insidious film has brought in since its release in January 2018…fills the right pockets, and perpetuates the problem.


I think a story specialist (and I mean a real writer) should be required to approve any edits before a film is made final and released in this country.

This one has its moments—the story is there, it’s just limping; a limb missing here, a thought not fully developed there. Red doors whispered about. Red doors unexplained. Keys here, keys there. Crimes committed. Crime scenes horribly adultereated. Psychotic pacing. It’s like a stillborn little monster: “IT’S ALIVE, IN THE FURTHER!”

The whole “keys” thing is never explained though, nor all the red doors—and the feel is underwhelming, and then overloaded.

Insidious Chapter 4, The Last Key tries too hard in all the wrong places; in the end, it wanders about like a lost demon looking for a home.

Movies like this subtly insult our intelligence as smart viewers. Elise always has something that makes her character work. But one Elise, a movie does not make.

There are some delicious dark elements in this one. But The Conjuring films, it ain’t.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ … And all three go to Lin Shays’s Elise.

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