Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay, 18–


Very Rare First Edition in Three Volumes. Below shows this collection going for upwards of $17,000.

Table of Contents

“Foreward” by Bernard M. Baruch, xiii-xvi
“Foreward”, xvii-xviii
“Preface to the Edition of 1852”, xix
“The Mississippi Scheme”, 1-45
“The South-Sea Bubble”, 46-88
“The Tulipomania”, 89-97
“The Alchymists”, 98-256
“Modern Prophecies”, 257-280
“Fortune-Telling”, 281-303
“The Magnetisers”, 304-345
“Influence: Politics/Religion: Hair/Beard”, 346-353
“The Crusades”, 354-461
“The Witch Mania”, 462-564
“The Slow Poisoners”, 565-592
“Haunted Houses”, 593-618
“Popular Follies of Great Cities”, 619-631
“Popular Admiration of Great Thieves”, 632-646
“Duels and Ordeals”, 647-694
“Relics”, 695-734

Read the entire book, free, here, in the Public Domain…


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