Wonderbook: A Gorgeous Book on How to Write Wonders Wonderfully by Jeff Vandermeer

The Starving Writers' Club


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‘Jeff Vandermeer has been capturing our imagination ever since he hit the scene, and continues to reach new levels of ‘Wow’ with every book he releases. A consummate writer and instructor, Vandermeer preaches the power of imagination and unleashing your creativity. Look no further than his Southern Reach Trilogy, or his latest release Borne, to see just how deep his imagination can go.


Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction, is Vandermeer’s nonfiction book about writing speculative fiction that takes a completely different, yet original, approach to craft. Instead of chapters about story and character development in the traditional sense, Wonderbook is designed to release and unleash the constraints of your mind by forcing you to think outside the box. Using the beautiful illustrations of Jeremy Zerfoss and including essays from some of…

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