“How Spirits Materialize”, from The Revelations of a Spirit Medium, Hereward Carrington

Haint-Blue Shudders

This article is from The Revelations of a Spirit Medium—a book out of existence now, since the plates and all copies were bought up by “spiritualists” and destroyed. The following is provided courtesy of Mr. Hereward Carrington:


‘Reader, have you ever attended a “seance” for “full-form materialization?” Have you ever thought you had met your dead relative’s spirit at these “seances”?

If you have never had the pleasure of attending a seance of this “phase” you have missed a rare treat. The writer has assisted at many a one and will relate to you some of the wonderful phenomena occurring at them and the means used to produce them. . . . There are hundreds of “materializing mediums” doing business in this country, who are swelling a good-sized bank account. Their business sometimes runs into the hundreds of dollars in a single week. This “phase” of mediumship is considered by the…

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