From “Trust Your Green Thumb” by Mackenzie Black…

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Writing Quote of the Day

From “Trust Your Green Thumb*…”

“…selecting stories for an anthology is harder than I had assumed…you look for a feel, an atmosphere, and a quality—not only per story, but also across the book itself, which is not yet a cohesive thing, let alone a thing of interest to anyone outside of yourself …you strain as though you are birthing an oddity… something with the potential to be horrible and beautiful and also a complete and utter failure. But the seed is planted and you will tend it and watch it with a mother’s care as it is morphing before your eyes into something brand-new and grateful.”

– Mackenzie Black, Indie writer, fiction editor, & proprietor of Black Feather Books in Terra Noche, NM (*from One Writer’s Heart, Another Writer’s Treasure, 2017).

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