Free Read of the Week: Vintage Horror, “Wake Not the Dead!” by Johann Ludwig Tieck

Haint-Blue Shudders


Wake Not The Dead was written by Johann Ludwig Tieck around 1800. It is considered the first vampire story, although not the first English vampire story. That honor goes to John Polidori’s The Vampyre, because Wake Not The Dead wasn’t translated into English until 1823. It can be considered the first modern vampire romance.

Wake Not the Dead!

by Johann Ludwig Tieck

“Wilt thou for ever sleep? Wilt thou never more awake, my beloved, but henceforth repose for ever from thy short pilgrimage on earth? O yet once again return! and bring back with thee the vivifying dawn of hope to one whose existence hath, since thy departure, been obscured by the dunnest shades. What! dumb? for ever dumb? Thy friend lamenteth, and thou heedest him not? He sheds bitter, scalding tears, and thou reposest unregarding his affliction? He is in despair, and thou no longer openest thy arms to…

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