For 28 years He Lived in a Small Hole in the Ground…

I would never have heard about this if it hadn’t been for Tim Printy. I hope he won’t mind my sharing this cool story and photo of him standing in Yokoi’s hole during Printy’s tour of Japan while serving our country in the US Navy.

Check out Tim’s website ( where he shares great photographs and comments on astronomy and other interesting topics.


“Nearby was the area where a Sgt. Yokoi hid for 28 years after the US had invaded the island back in 1944.  He lived in a small tunnel/cave he made in the ground.  In 1972, he was finally discovered and returned to his homeland in Japan.  He apparently was awaiting for the return of the Imperial Japanese Navy to rescue him. He was something of a celebrity.  Here I am just before going down into the hole where he lived. It was very small and cramped. I have to tip my hat to this guy because I could not have spent more than a month there.”

– Tim Printy (


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