Free Read of the Week! The Witch of Prague: a Novella by 19th-Century Author F. Marion Crawford…

Haint-Blue Shudders

witchFor a long time, many of the supernatural stories of author Francis Marion Crawford were out of print/not available. Thankfully, with the publication of The Witch of Prague & Other Stories, fans of well-written horror stories—the kind that fills you with dread and creeps up on you long after you have closed the book—can now enjoy the skill and talent of this amazing writer, who is known for the classic chillers: “The Screaming Skull”, based on a true horror legend; a vampire tale, “For Blood is the Life”; and, one of my very favorites ghost stories of all time, “The Upper Berth”, that features the restless apparition of a long-ago drowning victim that haunts the upper berth of cabin # 105 on-board a steamer ship.

Read The Witch of Prague, free, here…

Francis Marion Crawford (1854-1909), an American writer, was born at Bagni di Lucca, Italy. In 1879 he went to India…

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