The First Orbit Book of Horror Stories edited by Richard Davis (ca. 1970s), TOC

51mLcmxAnNLTable of Contents

Big, Wide, Wonderful World • [Shock Short] • (1958) • short story by Charles E. Fritch
Burger Creature • (1973) • short story by Stepan Chapman [as by Steve Chapman]
Forget-Me-Not • (1975) • novelette by Bernard Taylor
Halloween Story • (1972) • short story by Gregory Fitz Gerald
Judas Story • (1975) • novelette by Brian Stableford [as by Brian M. Stableford]
S.F. • (1975) • short story by T. E. D. Klein
Satanesque • (1974) • short story by Allan Weiss
The House of Cthulhu • [Cthulhu Mythos] • (1973) • short story by Brian Lumley
The Man in the Underpass • (1975) • short story by Ramsey Campbell
The Taste of Your Love • [Liefde’s Kronkelwegen • 2] • (1975) • short story by Eddy C. Bertin (trans. of De Smaak van Jouw Liefde 1971)
The Whimper of Whipped Dogs • (1973) • short story by Harlan Ellison
Uncle Vlad • (1973) • short story by Clive Sinclair
Wake Up Dead • (1975) • short story by Tim Stout
Introduction (The First Orbit Book of Horror Stories) • essay by Richard Davis


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