Eltonsbrody, a 1960 Carribean Gothic Novel by Edgar Mittelholzer


Edgar Mittelholzer (1909-1965) was one of the most important Caribbean novelists of his time, and perhaps the first to earn an international reputation for his fiction. Horror connoisseurs know him as the author of the ghost story “My Bones and My Flute”.

Now available is the first-ever reissue of ELTONSBRODY (1960), a Gothic tale we loved, the story of weird and grisly happenings in a creepy Barbados mansion. Features the original (very giallo) jacket art & a new introduction by John Thieme.

Available worldwide in hardcover, paperback & ebook. More info here:



When Woodsley, a young English painter, arrives in Barbados and finds no lodging available, he thinks himself fortunate to be invited to stay at Eltonsbrody, a mansion belonging to the eccentric widow Mrs Scaife. But behind the locked doors of the house’s disused rooms lurk terrible secrets, and soon strange and blood-curdling events begin to unfold. The tension builds towards a shocking and unforgettable conclusion, when the full horror of Eltonsbrody will be revealed.

Edgar Mittelholzer (1909-1965) was at his best in Gothic novels like My Bones and My Flute (1955) and Eltonsbrody (1960). This first-ever reissue of Mittelholzer’s weird and chilling tale reproduces the original dust jacket art and includes a new introduction by John Thieme.


‘One of the modern giants of Caribbean writing.’ – Caribbean Writers

‘A sanguinary essay in the macabre.’ – The Crisis

‘An original writer with a great command of language and atmosphere . . . true imaginative power.’ – John O’London’s Weekly

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