The Thing From the Lake, by Eleanor Ingram (1921)


Great Ghost Story! A must-read!

Although it was written over 100 years ago, Eleanor Ingram’s short novel, The Thing from the Lake, has been quietly waiting to re-enter the world…

Here is a link to the novel…free to read online:

Here is the original announcement, some cover images, and a link to a review of the book at SkullsintheStars…




Skulls in the Stars

I am continually astonished at the number of truly wonderful books that have been neglected and then forgotten as the years go by.  Sometimes the books are simply ahead of their time, sometimes the authors die, leaving no one to advocate for them, and sometimes simple bad luck makes them disappear from the shelves.  Fortunately, many of these books are being reprinted by quality publishers (such as Valancourt Books, who I’ve raved about for years and am now writing some introductions for); other can be uncovered freely available on internet archives.

Archives don’t really advertise, though, and sometimes it’s just dumb luck that I learn about an overlooked and exquisite novel.  I was recently reading Sinister House by Leland Hall, which was reprinted by Hippocampus Press, when such luck hit.  The introduction by Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi includes a mention of the 1921 novel The Thing From the Lake

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