The Lady of the Lake… a scientific ghost story

A True Story & a Real Creeper!

Skulls in the Stars

Ghost stories are somewhat passé in our modern, technical world — many of the mysterious phenomena that used to fill people with fear in past eras have been demystified thanks to our better knowledge of science. The phantom lights in the swamp at night are swamp gas, the strange creaks and groans at midnight are just the house settling.  The strange pterodactyl-like creature buzzing cars turns out to be a rare stork, and the animal sounds coming from the mass grave of circus animals and performers comes from the nearby zoo.

Science also introduces new horrors sometimes, by introducing us to concepts alien to our comfortable daily life.  For instance, we have the botfly, which lays its eggs in the skin of living mammals, and the assassin bug, which injects its (insect) prey with acid and literally drinks their liquefied internal organs.

People have often claimed that…

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