The Diary of Xander Tulley—a Novella-in-Progress by Sanguine Woods…

Dear Book Lovers and Ardent Readers,

RE: A quick note from the writer’s desk…


I’m excited to share with you that I started my next writing project this week: a novella set in a small village in North-Central Massachusetts, up near the Vermont-New Hampshire borders. It’s 1800 and a new century lies ahead, filled with hope and expectation. At least for one man.

Xander Tulley is a clever man; some would call him a man of science, a practical and pragmatic lover of facts and the path they reveal to hard truth. That is the side he shows the outside world, anyway. But inside, Tulley has another passion; one for writing, chronicling the world around him; and for the growing technology of the printed word. Fresh out of college, he accepts an apprenticeship with a printer in a small town called Widow’s Wood, where the townsfolk have a respect for the past, and a collective closed lip about it as well.

It’s a typical early American setting, he supposes, and the townsfolk have a right to live quiet lives; but Xander Tulley is a man on the brink of an age of discovery. He becomes curious about an odd grouping of stones in the woods, about a mile from the village square. There is no visible path to the outcropping, and reaching it is difficult unless you know the woods, and the way. The stones circumscribe what appears to be a gash in the earth, a crooked cave opening some five paces across at its widest. The trees that surround the area are the only trees in the wood that turn red when Autumn comes. It could be a strange coincidence. The rest of the forest is dense evergreen and white birch.

Tulley has been dreaming about the red trees. His preoccupation with learning the history of Widow’s Wood seems exciting, at first. He has a good eye and a keen mind for research. He loves a good puzzle. But, it’s a mere step or two from preoccupation to obsession. And some things—some geographies, secrets, some stories, have lain quiet and undisturbed for a long time. Before the advent of science and man’s inventing, they were there; long before a man or woman ever set foot on the forest floor.

The story of the woods is old. And when Xander Tulley reaches a fork in the road, he will be faced with one of the hardest decisions he will ever have to make.

I’ll share more updates on how the story is coming along soon…

Hope you’ll check back.



Artwork by Sanguine Woods. Cover design, text, story concept/idea (c)2016 by Sanguine Woods.


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