Reblog: ‘I Was (Briefly) Providence’ by Writer Michael Wehunt


A nice article about attending Necronomicon 2016 in Rhode Island recently, by one of my favorite writers, Michael Wehunt.

Michael Wehunt

I decided to let a month go by so that I could look back tearfully at my first NecronomiCon experience. Or, well, I’ve just been busy. Either way, in late August I descended upon Providence, RI, and three days later I was a changed writer. But bear with me a few moments while I work my way toward my thoughts on the convention.

Weird fiction (and its frequent overlap and twining with horror) has fascinated me for about four years now. Having deprived myself of a classical weird education in my formative years, I found that I was sort of writing it before I truly knew what it was. Strict horror tends to bore me, to some degree. It’s a small-doses kind of thing when it paints by the numbers. I wrote my first story toward the end of 2011 (I should probably lie and say it was 2001, but I want to…

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