My Gothic Story-in-Progress, The Dressmaker’s Lament …


The Dressmaker’s Lament is a story I began working on in August. It is a Gothic story set in and around an old Brownstone in New York that was long-ago converted into apartment homes. But something is different about this particular Brownstone and at least one of its occupants…

  •  Who is the young and beautiful Evie Piper?
  • How long has she been living there, on the uppermost floor of an aging brownstone?
  • Why does she cover the walls of her apartment in a hundred ornately framed silver-backed mirrors?
  • Why does she hide her other collection of antiquated sewing shears?
  • Why does a bent, elderly shadow appear some nights against the lamp-lit shade of her upper-right window?
  • What makes Beverly Sams so intent on making Miss Piper’s acquaintance?
  • Why has no one else ever been recorded as having rented the apt across from Evie Piper’s? (Surely that must be a mistake in record keeping?)
  • What is the sensation of cold that lingers in a slice of air, right where the final step of the old stairway meets the uppermost landing between the two apartments?
  • Why is Beverly Sams having so many strangely familiar nightmares?
  • And why does she not see Evie for days even weeks at a time?

Beverly must be losing her mind. She knows, in her gut, that there is something very wrong about Evie Piper … and the stairway … and the dank air that seeps into her room from the brownstone’s basement…

Stay tuned for excerpts from “The Dressmaker’s Lament,” here, and at


(Cover design: Sanguine Woods. Font by 500 Fonts. The Dressmaker’s Lament: Story title, excerpts, and ideas presented on this blog are protected under copyright law; (c) 2016 by Michael Albright Quinn.)


4 responses to “My Gothic Story-in-Progress, The Dressmaker’s Lament …

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  2. This story is on the warming burner while I’ve been editing The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told. Also the plot outline here has been problematic. But after Xander Tully I’d like to revisit the dressmaker…she’s not of this…world…and mysterious, even to me…


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