Old Stage Road Tunnel, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado


September 8, 2016. Photograph by Tom Andenno. (Facebook Colorado Photography Group)


Thanks to Tom Andenno for this cool photo of the 19th-century rock-blasted tunnel on Old Stage Road near Cheyenne Mountain. It looks like the old Cripple Creek one-way tunnel. In the 70s we lived there. We’d jump in the old Jeep Cherokee Grand Wagoneer, head north down the pass to Divide or Woodland Park. My mom would announce it: “We’re going through the tunnel. Oh, God. It’s getting dark. I hope no one’s coming the other way. Seatbelts!” She was thinking of a headon collision out loud no doubt (she still does this kind of thing). It scared us to death.

I noticed they blocked off that old tunnel now. It’s good to see this one still open at Old Stage Road.

Drive Safely.

And keep the foglights on.



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