Complicity, a Creepy Little Collectible by Christopher Ropes…



“In ‘Complicity’ Christopher Ropes guides the reader unflinchingly into those chambers of the heart we prefer to keep tightly sealed and out of mind. Raw in emotional power and haunting in tone, this tale will linger with you.”

– Richard Gavin (author of Sylvan Dread)

From the website:

Three friends try to cope with the suicide of someone very dear to them, the unusual family of the suicide victim, and a blizzard. Guilt and blame are constant companions for all three of them. Something they encounter in the snow pushes them to the shattering realization of what they don’t and can never know.

Order your copy now of this very affordable, very collectible, very haunting little book…you need it for your Sanguin-Sanctioned Horror Collection…

Click here to order Complicity by Christopher Ropes for only $8.00…

Happy Horrors,




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