Wicked Witches, an Anthology of Stories from New England, Coming October 2016!



Wicked Witches
Table of Contents
(Random Order)

Rob Smales – Moving House
Morgan Sylvia – To Dance the Witch’s Circle Again
John M. McIlveen – In Agatha Craggin’s Defense
James A. Moore – Home Again
Morven Westfield – Witch’s Apprentice
Barry Lee Dejasu – Place of Bones
Peter Dudar – Portrait of Old Woman With Crows
Izzy Lee – Tilberian Holiday
Errick Danger Nunnally – Welcome to the DIV
Trisha Wooldridge – Witch
Nick Manzolillo – Saint of Regret
Jan Kozlowski – Blessed Be & Kick Ass
Catherine Grant – White Witch
Kenneth Vaughan – Run in the Widow’s Hell
Joshua Goudreau – Black Forest, Black Heart
Paul McMahon – Baskets
Doug Rinaldi – The Jatinga Effect
GD Dearborn – TS Elliot Burns in Hell
Patrick Lacey – Another Plane
Remy Flagg – Access Violation
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert – The Witch We Dread

Front Cover Art: Ogmios – “Creaking Through Salem”


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