2 Gold Medals, 2 Speedos, & 1 Joyous Embrace That Got the Whole World Talking …

Meanwhile, in this morning’s Daily Mail…


Brirish diving team of Chris Mears and Jack Laugher take home summer Gold. They’re joyous embrace shown here has ever body talking. (The Daily Mail)


A picture’s worth a thousand words. Or, in the case of these ripped and overjoyed gents, a picture’s a whole lotta buzz and speculation as to their sexuality. But, they seem to be just fine with the attention. Very open-minded and accepting of the diversity of the human race, even posing for Gay Times to show their support of the LGBTQI community, especially those who are involved in sports.

After beating the Chinese synchronized diving team and bringing home the gold for the UK, divers Chris Mears and Jack Laugher, got up close and personal with each other, in their Speedos, all wet, hooting with joy, while the WHOLE WORLD looked on. In contrast to the Chinese pair that did a quick “we’re men, mate, carefully now, just a pat pat on the back” macho-safe embrace  (if you can call it that), the gold medalists, who are also flat mates, and best mates, went all the way with a leg-wrap, and an army wrap, and a thigh squeeze.

Hot. But, these gents both have girlfriends, so back off fellow gay mates. They’re taken.


Above: the embrace that started it all, and led many viewers to question the divers’ masculinity. Oh, please, this gay boy thinks, as he is reminded again of two incontrovertible truths: 1) how stupid people are; 2) how homophobes behave when they compensate for getting chubbed when they see men touching.



Here are some highlights, and a link to the original article in The Daily Mail…

  • British diving duo Chris Mears and Jack Laugher have won gold in the three-metre synchronised diving
  • Team GB pair fought off competition from American and Chinese rivals – who finished second and third
  • Gold in Rio is Britain’s first ever in the Olympic diving – and comes after Daley and Goodfellow’s bronze
  • Mears survived a deadly virus seven years ago and woke from coma wanting to compete at the Olympics
  • The aspiring DJ has also secured a record deal and released his debut single Mexico in Latin America
  • Both men, who have girlfriends, saw their fanbase sky rocket after appearing in Gay Times photoshoots

Click here to read the article in The Daily Mail…



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