2 of My Favorite Recent #HorrorFilms…These Will Scare You, Bad.


Based on a true story written by an NYPD sargeant, Deliver Us from Evil really packs a punch. I watched it assuming it would be nothing more than a “B movie” at best. I give this movie about a possessed neighborhood in the Bronx and what a cop and a priest do about it 4 stars.

It’s realistic. It’s terrifying. Having read the casework of Ed and Lorraine Warren, I don’t respect possession films anymore than don’t understand or represent posession, the demonic, and exorcism in a way that is realistic and in line with Church teaching.

The devil and the demonic exist in the realm of the Church and that’s where they are most frightening. Most movies that deal with these subjects portray it as entertainment. Therein lies their failure. Delivery US from Evil is not entertainment. It is adult. It is horrific. It will scare you, bad.


Sanguine Woods’ Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟




At the Devil’s Door (IFC Midnight indie circuit) is so dark, so creepy, so quiet that it really took until halfway through the film, and even moreso after the film was over, for its impact on me to take full effect.

It’s difficult to explain how the filmmaker achieves this effect. I’ve thought a great deal about it and I think it is a kaleidoscope of things masterfully synced that do the trick.

I really like what I’ve heard called “quiet horror”. Usually this is a descriptor applied to the older more artistically inclined films such as Rebecca (Hitchcock), The Uninvited, or I Walked with a Zombie (Val Lewton). These films creep up on you, subtly. They are never in your face like more modern horror likes to be (Saw, Cabin in the Woods, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

The Director of At the Devil’s Door, does something I really admire. He has made a  modern film of quiet horror. He takes a more current theme in film history (though it’s a centuries-old theme in the Church) … that of demonic possession … and he modernizes it artistically, visually, aesthetically… adds a very urban almost European-feel to the setting; he cleverly weaves together folklore (the “devil at the crossroads”) with horror tropes (evil and darkness, demons, ghosts, etc.) and adds psychologically current themes that surround two siblings and a girl in a red hood…but which I will not reveal anymore, for these are closely linked to spoilers. I want you to enjoy yourself.

This is quiet horror that screams. 4 stars.

Watch it.


Sanguine Woods’ Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟



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