#HEX. It’s an app. It’s also a new book by #Thomas Olde Huevelt. HEX, the app, tracks the movements of a 300-year-old ghost-witch (keep watching)…


Her name is Katheryn, or “Gramma K”. Her mouth and her eyes were sewn shut and she was wrapped in chains 300 years ago. She appears in town endlessly walking a path no one understands. She is in your yard one moment; and she is in an old lady’s basement across town the next. She stays standing, “staring” blindly at nothing, until she’s ready to disappear.


The people of Black Creek are cursed. If they ever leave town, they’ll die. They’re trapped. Still, they’ve learned to cope and in a way fight back through a rigid set of “rules regarding Gramma K sightings”: no photos are to be taken of her; absolutely no videos of her are allowed; no one is to speak to an outsider whether in person or text or online about her.

Robert Grimm oversees an app called Hex—the town folk are slowly coming on board (well, the teens love it; it’s the older town folk who are slow to “app”) and are given a free smartphone if they agree to download Hexham, and use it to report Gramma K sightings. And the entire town is under video surveillance.

I’m only a third of the way through, so no spoilers here. The info above is all gleaned from the book’s inside-cover-flap description.

I love this book. The writing is strong and entertaining. And the author is refreshingly intelligent. I can’t wait to see how HEX ends.

Get the book here..

Get Hex on Kindle and Save $13 off the Cover Price!


Three different covers, depending on the country you’re in…kinda collectible! And on Olde Huevelt’s website (see the “store”), you can purchase a signed hardcover…and have it delivered to your door.



Here’s Thomas Olde Heuvelt’s website:


Three Free Short Stories:

And here are three of Olde Heuvelt’s Award-winning Short Stories…free to read right now…check them out…

“The Boy Who Cast No Shadow”

“The Ink Readers of Doing Saket”

“The Day the World Turned Upside Down”

[“The Boy Who Cast No Shadow” won the prestigious Paul Harland Award in 2010 for best Dutch story of the Fantastic. According to Olde Heuvelt, he wrote the story in a “four-day rush” in between two chapters of a novel that was giving him “uncontrollable screaming fits at the time. “To me,” he adds, “it’s a story about being different and coming to terms with the fact that that ain’t such a bad thing. With this story I humbly paid homage to Joe Hill’s Pop Art, which I think is the best short story of the 21st Century.” (The story appeared in an anthology, Unfit for Eden.)]

Author Blurb:

Dutch novelist Thomas Olde Heuvelt(b. 1983) is the author of five novels and many short stories. His work has appeared in many languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and French.

heuveltIn 2015, his story “The Day the World Turned Upside Down” was the first ever translated work to win a Hugo Award. His other stories have been nominated for both Hugo and World Fantasy Awards.

In 2016, Olde Heuvelt’s critically acclaimed horror novel HEX—a runaway bestseller in The Netherlands—was launched in the US, the UK, and Australia, followed by a six-week US promotional tour during June-July.

No less than 10 publishers in 14 countries have obtained the rights for the book, and Warner Bros. is currently developing a TV series based on the novel.

Visit Thomas at his web site above. Also above are links to three of his short stories.

(Sources: Author website; WordPress; Wiki)

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