The Haunted Woods of Black Forest, Colorado


Black Forest, Colorado. 


‘In 1990, the Lee family moved into what they thought was their dream home in Black Forest, Colorado. Everything seemed wonderful. But then strange things started happening. And within a matter of weeks, the events taking place in and around their home had become one the most documented and debated hauntings in modern history.

When Steve Lee and his wife Beth discovered the log home in the Black Forest region of central Colorado, they rented the home loving it at once. One year later, in 1991, they purchased it house.

It wasn’t long after closing on the home, that strange things began to happen. Lights and other electronic devices would turn on or off by themselves. Unexplained noises could be heard, including a sound like footsteps on the roof, and the distinct sound of orchestra music playing.

Like many other famous hauntings, the paranormal events seemed to become more frequent and even dangerous as time went on. The Lee children soon started complaining to their parents of “shadow people” and odd lights floating around inside their bedroom. The family also began to smell intense, chemical-like odors that were so strong their eyes and throats would burn.


Many have seen “Shadow People”, out of the corner of their eyes or in plane sight. The Lee children complained of seeing these phenomena in Black Forest.

Eventually, Mr. Lee installed cameras with motion detectors throughout the house and on the property in hopes of catching who he assumed were vandals or pranksters trying to scare them out of their new home.

To his dismay, the cameras and motion detectors soon began sounding alarms. The worse part of it was that no one was around…there was no evidence of a physical presence on the property outside of the Lees themselves, and there was no evidence the equipment had been tampered with.

All in all, the Lee’s experienced 62 unexplainable break-ins at the property. The local Sheriff’s Department even opened an official investigation in early 1993 but could not find the source of the break-ins or evidence that crimes had occurred.

Mr. Lee soon begin to notice that the security photos and videos taken on the property had strange streaks of light moving around in them in ways that usual light phenomena did not move; and some of the footage had what looked like faces in it.


Thinking that these phenomena were due to a fluke in the equipment, Mr. Lee purchased additional equipment. The resukts, however, were the same. The equipment continued to capture unexplainable light phenomena, such as beams, moving orbs, and faint apparitions of what appeared to be human figures.

The Lees finally started to believe that something paranormal might be responsible for the phenomena. They decided to contact “Sightings”, a popular television show, for help.

Sightings sent a film crew to visit the Lees in their home and to document what the Lees had reported. While the Sightings crew was on site, cameras flipped off their tripods and fell to the floor for no apparent reason. And a frightened member of the TV crew claimed she felt a spirit move through her in what she believed to be an effort to take over her body.


Faces appearing in an antique mirror are one among many unexplanied experienced phenomena.

When the Sightings crew returned to Black Forest several months later, they brought with them psychic investigator, Peter James.

Upon James’ arrival, he sensed a powerful psychic energy vortex and ultimately felt that a closet on the second floor was the gateway to the “other side.” A nearby mirror (below) frequently reflected apparitions and floating faces and James believed these were spirits searching for the life they once had. Many pictures of the mirror were enhanced and showed countless faces gazing back (above).


A Hopi shaman once claimed that the area is a “rainbow vortex,” one of just a few psychic energy spots on earth that supposedly connects our world with the spiritual realm. Scientists, electromagnetic experts, quantum physicists, and the best paranormal researchers in the country have been to the Lee home, and all agree it is a very active site.

Some also believe that an energy coming from under the house is responsible for the activity.

The footage captured at the home has become one of the most talked about examples of paranormal evidence ever captured. While some say it isn’t evidence at all, the footage has managed to confuse many scientists and investigators even today.


At first, it was reported that Robert and Beth Lee came to accept their home. But a more recent report says the Black Forest home is up for sale. Perhaps, the Lees have had enough of Colorado’s Black Forest.’

(Text/Images: Pinterest, the Denver City Page)


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