Reblog: About “The Escort” a Ghost Story by Daphne du Maurier

Horror by du Maurier…Looks good!


Illustrations for “The Escort” by Charles Keeping. (Charles Keeping’s Book of Classic Ghost Stories.)



Cultural Vivisection

[spoiler warning]


After looking around, it seems that I just know less about Daphne du Maurier than pretty much everyone else; for some reason I’ve never come across her name before despite being apparently well-known.  I actually picked up this volume after seeing the title on the spine, Don’t Look Now, and recognizing the name of the wonderful Nicolas Roeg film—and then finding, to my surprise, that the collection also contained “The Birds,” inspiration for Hitchcock’s film.  (Incidentally, the edition I’m reading is a New York Review Books publication, and I just love their sense of style—minimalist, but colorful enough to avoid the vacancy of the Apple look.  The cover is a nice texture, not obnoxiously slick but not so matte as to feel particularly textured, like linoleum, and the spine doesn’t crack (at least not in the process of a normal slightly reckless reading).  The…

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