“The Shock of Sheer Strangeness”


Writer of strange tales, Robert Aickman. A devout conservationist, Aickman is most remembered for 48 stories and a handful of novels considered modern in their psychological astuteness, symbolism, and ambiguity. (Photo: Louisiana state University)

“After the shock of the sheer strangeness fades away, we begin to see how the facts of the stories appear to grow out of the protagonists’ fears and desires, and how the illogic and terror surrounding them is their own, far more accurately and disturbingly than in any conventional horror story. ‘The Trains’ is a perfect story of this type, and ‘The Inner Room’ is even better, one of Aickman’s most startling and beautiful demonstrations of the power over us of what we do not quite grasp about ourselves and our lives.”

– Peter Straub on writer Robert Aickman


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