“The Man in The Black Suit”—Stephen King’s Experiment Involving a Fisher Boy & the Devil


“The Man in the Black Suit”. Art by Simpson. (cajsimpson.com)

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The Man In The Black Suit By Stephen King Smoothie Review

Surprisingly enough I have actually kind have enjoyed Stephen King’s shorts more than the novels he written in the past. Maybe it’s because they are shorter, therefore giving him less of a opportunity to over use suspense, get off topic or escape to some kind of dreamscape before returning to the actual story. Or maybe it’s because his shorts share a trait with the early Stephen King books, I actually like. Those early books were his first works before whatever spark he had, faded away over time. Anyways I could write my Stephen King conspiracy theories all day, but you don’t care. You’re reading this for the book review. This time around, the review is on the Stephen King short story, “The Man In The Black Suit” that can be found in a collection called Everything’s Eventual

As far…

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