“The Claims of Occultism Are True…”

Colin Wilson in 1957.

“Although I have always been curious about the ‘occult’…it has never been one of my major interests, like philosophy, or science, or even music. …It was not until two years ago, when I began the systematic research for this book, that I realised that the evidence for such matters as life after death, out-of-body experiences (astral projection), reincarnation. In a basic sense my attitude remains unchanged; I still regard philosophy—the pursuit of reality through intuition aided by intellect—as being more relevant, more important, than questions of the ‘occult’. But the weighing of the evidence…has convinced me that the basic claims of ‘occultism’ are true.”

– Colin Wilson, on writing The Occult, first occult-1publishedGrafton Books, 1979

Photo of Colin Wilson: Photographer unknown. (Source: Wikipedia)


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