Monsieur Zenith the Albino by Anthony Skene

Monsieur Zenith, the ruby-eyex albino criminal master mind popularized in the detective stories of Sexton Blake…

chasing bawa

Monsieur Zenith the Albino

His skin, his lashes, the crisp curling hair of his head, are white as Cararra marble. Nowhere: neither in the room, nor in the sleeping figure, is there the least trace of any colour, until at length Monsieur Zenith stirs and opens his eyes. Beneath either fringe of stone-white lashes the irises glitter like rubies.

I have a weakness for fictional gentleman thieves from Baroness Orczy’s Scarlet Pimpernel to E.W. Hornung’s Raffles and Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin, Monkey Punch’s Lupin III to Scott Lynch’s Locke Lamora. It’s not that they have to be aristocratic by birth but they just ooze class. A modern version of Robin Hood, I suppose.

I knew nothing of Monsieur Zenith until I stumbled upon this book in my local library. Don’t you just love libraries? You come across some incredible titles that you won’t find anywhere else. Take Monsieur Zenith the Albino by Anthony Skene…

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