Welcome to The Sanguine Woods

il_570xN.418131679_33uaWelcome, friend, to my writing and poetry blog…words of darkness and light…The Sanguine Woods.

I wanted a place to share writing and poetry, excerpts and quotes, the dark and horrifying, and the light and inspirational : my own and the words of others, past and present.

From the Romantic Poets, to poets of today; nature and war poetry, heartbreaking poetry, poetry of hope—-and poetry and prose that focus on LGBTI themes, that population of brothers and sisters most dear to my heart.

And from the vast array of writers of all things weird and macabre…fiction, essays, excerpts, opinions on the craft of writing…there are great pieces out there about the philosophy of using words to make art. And one of my favorite areas of writing: the great horror stories in the short form (story, tale, sketch, novelette, novella)…ghosts and ghouls, demons and monsters, creeping fungi and frightening things we haven’t yet been introduced to…like the “funhole”, a scary-as-hell, empty black hole just a foot in diameter, that is discovered in the floor of a utility closet in Kathe Koja’s The Cipher (photo inset)…these are the stories that have always thrilled me.


Looking up, out of The Cipher…

In the USA, and representing countries and backgrounds around the world, these writers are making very cool art.

I hope you’ll come in, light a candle or two, sit by the fire…but pay no mind to that bloody color pouring into the scene framed by your window. It’s just the sunset, staining the forest red.

Soon the only light will be starlight, moonlight…their glean on the sharp pine needles and new fallen snow.

Thanks for coming,




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